MORE LOVE. less hate”

— Dee Swan


Based out of St Louis, Mo., Dee Swan is a artist/producer that combines Pop, Hip Hop and EDM as a fusion for a new twist in the CCM world. 

Swan's goal is to have people love one another better. He  feels there is enough chaos each day and that music can be a way of uplifting one another. He believe's Hope can be found in the lyrics.  

This has been the mantra since the beginning of his music career. The St. Louis based artist approaches the pop music scene with a twist of groove-funk style of EDM. Swan wants those who listen to see the need to approach life with LOVE. 

Rapzilla recently gave Dee Swan a 10/10 for his song "FIRE" on their Critique Fridays. 

Dee was also selected as an opener for their "Rock The Camp" contest in which he shared the stage with TobyMac and Crowder. His single has been aired on Boost 95.5FM. 

In 2020, he released a song with One Direction member Liam Payne called “Live Forever” featuring Cheat Codes. 

He has also shared the stage with acts like Disciple, FF5, Set It Off, KB, Newsboys, WhatUpRG, Switchfoot, Colton Dixon, nobigdyl., 1K Phew, Aaron Cole, Branan Murphy, Audio Adrenaline, Riley Clemmons, Social Club Misfits, Wande and many more.  



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